CEO and seven researchers of KAIST have been invited to participate in the “A flexible endoscopic surgery robot K-FLEX and its feasibility validation in in vivo animal trail” at the 2018 18th Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery (ACCAS 2018) Paper.

K-FLEX was awarded the Best Application Award and the overall winner at the Surgical Robot Challenge 2018 sponsored by Hanlyn Center, Imperial College London, UK, as a flexible endoscopic surgical robot.

ACCAS 2018 is a society focused on new algorithms, system development, medical imaging technology, medical device, instrument and robot assisted surgery. Researchers from all over the world as well as from Asia participated in this project.


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주식회사 이지엔도서지컬은 8차 기명식 전환상환우선주식 추가 발행의 건으로 2021년  6월 8일 공고한 내용에 일부 오기가 있어 이를 정정하여 공고합니다.


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기명식 전환상환 우선주식 15,234주

(2021년 5월 25일 발행결의한 7,618주와

2021년 6월 8일 이사회의 신주식 7,616주 추가발행 결의에 의한 총주식수)



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