Kwon Dong-soo, CEO of EasyEndo Surgical, won the Presidential Citation at the 13th Korea Robot Award Awards and people of Robot Night. Professor Kwon Dong-Soo’s research team started research on medical robots for the first time in Korea. K-FLEX, the soft surgical robot developed for the first time in Korea, won the Best Application Award and Overall Winner in ‘Surgical Robot Challenge’ of Hamlyn Symposium 2018, Winning the status of Korea in the field of robotics.

In addition, they have established “Easy Endeavor Curriculum” to contribute to society by commercializing research results as products rather than research. Flexible medical robots, which are the flagship items, make it easy to operate in areas that were not accessible from conventional surgery, provide intuitive and convenient operation to doctors, and speed up recovery by minimizing incisions in patients. Professor Kwon Dong-soo has given the honor of the Presidential Commendation to the graduates and students of Telelobotics and Control Lab. (TCL) lab and declared that we will work to become the world ‘s remarkable global medical robot company.


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주식회사 이지엔도서지컬은 8차 기명식 전환상환우선주식 추가 발행의 건으로 2021년  6월 8일 공고한 내용에 일부 오기가 있어 이를 정정하여 공고합니다.


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(2021년 5월 25일 발행결의한 7,618주와

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