"easyEndo Surgical is a surgical robot development company that creates new value. easyEndo Surgical is pursuing to create a world where patients and doctors, hospitals, everyone can be happy. easyEndo Surgical promises to bring innovation of new medical technology through development of safe, reliable surgical robot.
We strive to contribute to society so that medical innovation can spread to all parts of the world, we will do our utmost to become a company that can respond to your concern and trust."

Dong-Soo Kwon, CEO

Who We Are

Professionals with abundant field experience and young engineers gathered to make exceptional surgical robots. We are working with veteran surgeons to create great surgical robots and develop practical and innovative technologies.

What We Do

We are making surgical robots that are essential for successful operations.

Why We Do It

We enjoy expressing passion through our surgical robots. We believe that passion will contribute to improving the quality of life for everyone. This direction will also improve the quality of our work.